Department of Zoology  
  The department was established in 1965. Since then Department has been in the pursuit of excellence in academic
and non academic arenas.

To ensure the quality training which satisfies society's need and promote lifelong learning and all round development
of the individual.

Course Offered:
The Department offers B.Sc programme, affiliated to University of Calicut, with an intake of 32 students every year.
The complementary courses are Chemistry and Botany. Nutrition, Health and Hygiene, a relevant topic in the current
scenario, is the Open course selected by the Department for the fifth semester students. The elective paper for our
UG programme is Applied Entomology, which offers ample opportunity of higher education as Entomology is the special
paper for PG Programmes offered by various Universities in and outside Kerala.
The Main strength of our department is the team of dedicated faculty who are always ready to work for the progress
of student community. Innovative teaching techniques including ICT enabled teaching, field visits, discussions seminars
etc are adopted to ensure the highest level of learning. A multitude of curricular and extra curricular activities are being
taken by the department to ensure the all round development of students.
Prasad N.K.
Assistant Professor.
Depatment of Zoology,
KKTM Govt.College, Pullut.
  Shaji E.M.
Assistant Professor.
Depatment of Zoology,
KKTM Govt.College, Pullut.
  Shihabudeen A.S.
Assistant Professor.
Depatment of Zoology,
KKTM Govt.College, Pullut.
Sachin K.Kumar
Lab attender,
Depatment of Zoology,
KKTM Govt.College, Pullut.
  • Smart class room with multimedia projector and interactive board.  
  • Spacious and well equipped laboratory with sophisticated instruments like refrigerated centrifuge,
   UV Spectrophotometer, stereo microscope etc.
  • Well maintained museum.  
  • Availability of internet facility.  
  • Team of motivating faculty.  
  Hands on Work shop on DNA Barcoding and Fingerprinting   Field visit (Visit to Central Silk Board , Palakad
  Zoology Association Inauguration   Poster Presentation Competition
  Field visit   Hands on workshop on DNA Fingerprinting and
DNA Barcoding
    Agricultural Practises
  Agricultural Practises   Women Empowerment Programme – Training
on Mushroom Cultivation
  Community health service